Beta Bars

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

I started experimenting making homemade granola bars when I found out my son needed a gluten free diet. I decided to dehydrate my own locally sourced fruits so there wasn't any added sugar. My son loved them and I started taking them on rock climbing trips with my friends. My friends started ordering them from me for their own adventures and Beta Bars was born.I now make 11 different flavors using locally sourced Michigan fruits in season and with many organic ingredients including oats, apricots, coconut and honey. It may be the best chewy granola bar you have ever eaten (at least that is what my customers are always telling me). If that isn't reason enough to try them, every granola bar I sell gives one month of clean water to someone in my son's home country of Rwanda, through a partnership with 20 Liters.

Find us at the Kentwood Farmers market!

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