Full Circle Farm

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Full Circle Farm started in 2018 with the mission to grow local, healthy food for our community. We seek to be a regenerative and sustainable farm, to do so we operate with 3 core principles that guide our farm:

1. A sustainable farm must be economically viable, providing financial support to those who are working on it.

2. A sustainable farm must be ecologically regenerative, providing habitat and forage for a diverse population of insects, birds, animals, etc. It must use farming practices that rebuild soil health, and seek to limit outside inputs as much as possible.

3. A farm cannot be sustainable if it leads to farmer burnout, fatigue, or frequent injuries. The scope of work on the farm needs to be within the bounds of human-scale labor.

Using these principles we seek to provide affordable, chemical-free food to our local community while restoring soil health and creating a model of farming that is sustainable in the long term for people who may be interested in farming.

You can find us at the Portage Farmers Market!


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