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"Farm Brigge is one of those rare opportunities to change the world while making a ton of money. Just picture a farmers market on every corner and around the world. That’s the reality we will co-create together. Let’s go!”
- Troy Rice

Co-Founder of Farm Brigge and Snappier

$499/year for the first 500
neighborhood farmers markets!
After launch, the cost will be $999/year.
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We are looking for health minded individuals passionate about helping their neighbors, their local farmers, and themselves, source locally grown and produced healthy food!

An incredible complimentary business for health and fitness coaches and business owners who already advocate that food is medicine!

An amazing opportunity for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact for the health of our nation!

Our nation’s food systems have been broken for decades through the mass production of ultra processed food, and political power and manipulation of Big Food and Big Ag businesses that leave our lands degraded and our health at risk-- leading to alarming rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Join us through this incredible solution to revolutionize 
food systems in the U.S.!

A win for local farmers! A win for your neighbors! 
 And, a win for you!

$499/year for the first 500 neighbourhood
 farmers markets!

After launch, the cost will be $999/year

Exclusive offer to be one of the FIRST to own and run a personalized farmers market from your home, church, synagogue, school, store, etc.!  

A new concept to revolutionize food systems and bring local food right to your neighbourhood!  

Work with your local farmers and food producers, choose the day and times that work best for you and your neighbors, and set everyone up on a journey towards health and longevity. 

Plus, enroll in the first ever “after farmers day of sale concept.” This allows farmers to select your farmers market hub after attending a farmers market; drop off food that might otherwise spoil; and you, and the farmer, gain sales.

An amazing solution for your neighbors, who in most case, are challenged in making it to a famers market during the week or on the weekend!

Did we mention that you will be equipped with the technology, Snappier, to accept food assistance programs such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs)? SNAP is an over 80 billion dollar assistance program in which currently most participants have access to only poor nutritional food choices.

Incredible solution for increasing the health of our nation!

What are you waiting for?

There are over 2 million farms in the U.S. and a majority of them need your help. Not to mention the health of our nation and the absolute must to protect the health of our land, which is degrading rapidly through chemical inputs and industrialized farming practices.

We are ready for you to join us!

In owning and operating your own farmers market, you will earn 35% on every sale.

Work just a few hours a week.

Earn an additional income of up to $25k or more a year!
We provide you with a personalized online marketplace app, connections to farmers and food producers in your area, and education and marketing materials for communicating with neighbors.

You only handle the drop off and pick up of the food.

A small effort for you, and a HUGE win for local farmers and community health!  
Did you know many farmers are on a waitlist to be able to attend their local farmers market? And, for many of our farmers, farmers markets are the main source of revenue. 

They need your help!

How it works?

  •  When you sign up to become a farm Brigge owner, you are provided your own dashboard equipped with your own personalized online marketplace, and all the educational and marketing tools needed to operate your online farmers market!
  • ​We help you establish connections with local farmers and food producers. This enables you to sign them up to help build your online farmers market.
  • ​You establish the days and times for farmers and food producers to drop off sold items to your house. Then, customers are notified through the app when their items are ready for pick-up.
  • ​You share your online farmers market with your neighbors through word of mouth, text, phone call, email, social media.
  • ​When your neighbors shop and purchase local food, the farm, food producer, and you are notified of the purchase.
  • ​Sold items are dropped off on the date selected, and you facilitate the pick-up with your neighbors.
  • For 'after market day of sales', a farmer can select your market hub (if you choose to participate) and drop off perishable produce for additional sales. You communicate to your neighbors and then accept payment, in-person, through the app. You do not pay the farmer for the produce up front.

Every dollar sold is money in your pocket!


Over the past five years, farm bankruptcies in the U.S. have increased at an alarming rate, on average, 11% go bankrupt annually, and recently, in 2019, it was 19%.

According to the World Health Organization, 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 were overweight or obese in 2016. In the US alone, the CDC states that 18.5% of youth ages 2-19 are obese. This is estimated to cost the US around $150 billion in health care spending each year.

We are on a mission to revitalize our soil, help the farmers who work tirelessly to 
provide high nutrient foods to our families, and strengthen the health of our nation that has been manipulated into consuming low nutrient, ultra-processed foods.

Together, we can grow the number of thriving sustainable farms and increase 
human health and longevity through creating ease in access to high nutrient foods.

Let’s change the world together!

'Our WHY'

With tireless fighting in getting their two oldest boys to not only eat healthy foods but to have a desire to feed their body with nutrients, Troy and Tiffany were determined to help build a better food life for their children. And, long term, food literacy programs for parents and children across the world.

Troy and Tiffany believe in the value of local food, local economies, and the strength of communities committed to health. Their love to create a better health life for their kids fueled them into learning more about where food comes from. Involving their kids in their educational food journey to know their local farmers, consume foods that are nutrient dense and inspire them and others to lead healthier lives surrounded by the people they love and support.


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